How to Stream Privately on Twitch

Twitch is an immensely popular live streaming service that allows you to stream video gaming content to a global audience.

This blog will guide you through the process of streaming privately on Twitch, including tips on how to add a private stream page to your stream website, so that only your followers can see your live streaming.

How to Private Stream on Twitch

The following are the easy method to stream privately on twitch.

1. Subscriber Only Streams

Subscriber-Only Streams are a new private stream feature. This service allows streamers to allow only their subscribers access to their live streaming, without the need for any password or key-logging protection.

2. Password Only Streaming on Twitch

If you want to stream privately on Twitch, you will need a password. This way, only those who are authorized can watch your stream – this includes both friends and followers.

You can use this private streaming feature to keep your gaming and streaming privacy intact.


What are some tips for private streaming successfully on Twitch?

  • Ensure that your stream settings are set up correctly. This includes resolution, audio quality, and game settings.
  • Set a privacy setting on Facebook Gaming so only your followers and friends can see your stream.
  • Add a private page to your stream website so followers can join without signing up for an account.

How can I improve my viewing experience on Twitch?

There are a few things that you can do to improve your viewing experience on Twitch.

  • Make sure that your stream is set up correctly. This includes audio quality, resolution, and game settings.
  • Enable streaming notifications so you are notified when someone joins your stream or starts streaming.
  • Set a chat filter so you can block certain words or phrases from appearing in chat while streaming live.


Streaming privately on Twitch is a great way to keep your stream private and enjoy it without annoying people whom you want to watch it with.

You can use password protection, private pages, or chat clients like Twitch Chat Connect to ensure that only authorized users can view your stream.