How To Add Nightbot To Your Twitch Channel

Adding a Nightbot on Twitch can help to improve your stream by automating various tasks, including responding to chat, moderating comments, and keeping track of viewer numbers.

This will free up your current time to focus more on interacting with viewers and promoting your content.

How To Add Nightbot To Your Twitch Channel

To enable Nightbot on your Twitch channel, follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Twitch Account.

2. Click the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the main screen.

Setting Button

3. Under “General settings,” click the My Channels and Tools tab.

4. In the list of channels under My Channels & Tools, select your desired stream channel and then click on Edit Channel Settings (below right).

Edit Channel Settings

5. Then Login to with the Twitch account.

login with twitch

6. Click on the Dashboard.

Click on the dashboard

7. You will now be on the Dashboard Page.

Click on join channel

8. Click on the Join Channel Button.

Nightbot joining channel
Nightbot is a part of the channel

9. you are now ready to start using Nightbot on your Twitch Channel.

Nightbot is enabled

How Does a Nightbot Work on Twitch

A nightbot is a computer program that monitors and responds to chat on Twitch. When you enable nightbot on your twitch account, it will start watching the chat room for specific keywords and phrases.

These include “can I help?” or “tell me more about this.” Suppose a user in the chat room corresponds with one of these keywords.

In that case, Nightbot will automatically start responding to them by performing various tasks – like responding to questions or moderating comments.

The benefit of using a nightbot on your twitch stream channel is that it can free up your time to focus on other things.

For example, you can use nightbot to respond to questions from viewers or promote your content.

However, it’s important to remember that nightbot isn’t a replacement for human moderation. It functions as a supplement.

So while using nightbot may make life easier, always be aware of the need for human moderators to keep things running smoothly on your channel.

How do I Set up a Stream Bot on My Twitch Channel?

There’s no specific step you need to take to set up a stream bot on your Twitch channel. All you need is a valid Twitch account, access to the Stream Bot API, and someone who can operate the streaming bot.

Once you have all these things in place, it’s simply a matter of setting up the Stream Bot API keys and configuring your streaming software or web platform to use them. 

Once everything is installed and configured, you’re ready to start using your stream bot!

Should I Use a Stream Bot on My Channel?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Whether or not to use a steamboat on your channel depends on your streaming platform’s specific needs, purposes, and content.

Some common reasons you might want to consider using a stream bot include: 

  • Increased Efficiency – Stream bots can help speed up the workflow by managing chat windows, responding to viewer questions, and moderating comments. 
  • Moderation Features – Many stream bots have built-in moderation features, which can help manage viewer reactions and maintain a quality stream experience.
  • Promotion Tools – Stream bots can act as promotional tools by monitoring stats such as watching time and unique visitors.
  • Increased Viewership – Using stream bots on your channel may increase viewership overall.

How to Use a Nightbot to Improve your Twitch Channel?

The first step is to get your nightbot up and running. Once you have access to the Stream Bot, follow these steps:

1. In, under Create Account, click on API Keys.

2. Underneath Account Details, find and Copy your Access Token.

3. Next, open up Twitch bot and go to your account settings (found under the Account & Settings button on the top right corner of your stream). Paste your Access Token into the Streamer ID / API Key field.

If everything goes according to plan, you should see a blue text message next to the nightbot icon that says Enabled. Click on this message to start using your nightbot!

Once you have enabled your nightbot, go back to your channel and set up switches for when the bot is active and passive.

To activate the bot, click on one of the Active Nightbots buttons on or use voice on channel commands if you use a compatible twitch custom commands client like Discord.

The bot will run in the passive mode unless an event happens on Twitch (like a live game).


Now that you know how to add Nightbot to your Twitch channel, it’s time to start automating those tasks.

Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by all this automation and, instead, focus on being a good streamer. If you enjoyed this article, we recommend adding Nightbot to your Twitch channel.